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Can you believe Science with a Mission is now over 20 years old?
Come celebrate with us on August 27, 2023!
For details, click HERE

Our Mission

Our purpose is to combine scientific knowledge with Christian compassion.  We are a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to producing diagnostics for developing countries. We develop and distribute these diagnostic tools to enable accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment of those afflicted.

What We Do

THE NEED: In developing countries, many people never see the inside of a hospital or clinic.  As a result, people often die from preventable diseases due to not being diagnosed.  Currently, the majority of tests to diagnosis diseases require expensive equipment, electricity, trained technicians, etc. all of which are often unavailable in many parts of developing countries.

THE PLAN: Science with a Mission is using a technology, called immunoassays, to test for diseases.  There are many advantages to immunoassays:

  • They do not require electricity or expensive equipment, so they can be used in remote areas.

  • They give results rapidly, allowing medical personnel to treat people in a timely fashion.

  • They are amenable to mass screenings.

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